These are the top 7 refuge tips that criminals don't poverty you to cognize. It makes their job harder. What makes a murderer pounce? Intent and Opportunity. Their fixed we have no charge over, however we clearly can do something active the opportunity. Start reasoning similar to a outlaw. How would soul be able to transport advantage of you? What in your day can put you at the zenith example for a hooligan to "come in for the kill"?

1. When assignation a patron for the opening time, have them go to your business office or a overt powers that be.

2. If tryst a upcoming consumer at their home, try to take other fellow worker beside you. Remember, near is e'er safety in book of numbers. If you are touring alone, scope out as you stroll towards a clients dwelling house where doors are in the building in travel case a hasty pickup is requisite.

3. Wearing steep adornment makes you a big target. Leave your jewelry at earth or secured in your transport. Ladies, your spouses will recognize.

4. Keep your compartment mobile clipped to you at all contemporary world. This allows you to christen the bureau or a social unit appendage on a moments announcement.

5. If you are impulsive a patron in your vehicle, breed them drive in the traveler seat, not the rear legs of the conveyance. You impoverishment to hang on to your eye on them. Having a client sit in the backseat because your paperwork is in the fore leaves you fundamentally undefendable.

6. Keep your keys with you pronto available, in a pouch of your garment or coat or even in your mitt. They can be used as a antisubmarine weapon system if prerequisite.

7. And retrieve always - ALWAYS trust your gut instincts!!! If something does not be straight or you have a entertaining awareness almost a client, Get out of there! Make other appointment. Bring cause beside you subsequent instance you stumble upon. Tell them your cell phone booth is moving and you want to issue the telephone. ANYTHING that will deter them plenty for you to get to a safer situation.

And call back this... CRIMINALS LIE! They will inform you thing you poorness to comprehend. Don't trust them. Don't deem them. They will say thing to convince you other. Be convivial to your likely clients, but hang on to your protector up.

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