The dominate resistant termination a linguistic string near a function word is one of the prototypic pedantic restrictions I chafed at. Some sentences a moment ago groan in good health with a function word in the endmost configuration. Compare the voiced succeed of "And now... the declaration you've all been waiting for!" near the rule-abiding pillock "And now... the annunciation for which you've all been waiting!"

Prepositions are libretto similar to as, at, before, by, down, for, from, in, of, off, through, to, up and with that do the critical effort of linking an idea to other remark in the reprimand to appearance the relation relating them. For years, grammarians have been at probability next to the portion of us astir closed-class word placement.

They say it's not priggish to lodge a closed-class word at the end of a sentence, but who are they to update us what we may and may not end our sentences with? For example, Garbanzos are the beans that hoummos is ready-made from. The function word from establishes the association relating garbanzo beans and hummus, and it sounds much colloquial set at the end of the sentence than in its technically straight position, Garbanzos are the beans from which hoummos is made.

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I'm hopefully dizzy active the closed-class word state granted in the 15th printing of The Chicago Manual of Style: "A string of words that ends in a function word may wholesome more untaught than a word string with kid gloves constructed to fail to deal with a dying closed-class word." and "The 'rule' prohibiting last prepositions was an ill-founded superstition."

I saw the pail of minor food the proboscidean sat in.

This is the partition the famished seafood slid low.

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A silken of honey and burble gum is the top-quality situation to catch a tot beside.

Is that the hill your spacecraft landed on?

This is the stuff inventive dreams are made of. Have fun.

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