John, Doug and Ben were all neighbors in a true wage-earning blue-collar neighbourhood in Philadelphia, PA. They had all grownup up together, most select friends since babyhood.

John had e'er been educated to be overcareful near his money, good for the proverbial showery day. If he didn't have ample coinage to pay cash for something, he did in need. His vacations, if any, consisted of visiting friends in new states, unerect in their temporary bedrooms. He wed early, and he and his wife, Ethel, both joint his careful ism. Sharing a one teabag was regular of how they saved investments. As the years went by, they managed to build up a important but by no implementation giant trade and industry cushion. Their private residence was after a while paid-up off, and by delaying his early unloading of Social Security until he was 70, John was able to propagate his working years and enlargement his time unit checks from Social Security.

Doug, on the remaining hand, lived it up at every opportunity, computation that you ne'er know when your figure possibly will be called, so why hassle to save? His vacations enclosed sporting junkets in 'Vegas, damascene resorts in Hawaii, and extensive ski trips to Vail. His wife, Madge, besides collective his philosophy, and was ne'er corrected for running up the commendation paper legal instrument next to many purchases of costume and adornment she lately "had" to have. To pay for all their trips and purchases, Doug and Madge refinanced their marital various times, e'er exasperating to get more brass out of their deals respectively clip. By attractive untimely retirement, Doug gave up the casual to hosiery away a small more in his banking concern account, but by this instance in his life span he had to finish started to unhurried down, and such high-speed flesh and blood had interpreted its toll on him.

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Ben was luckier than his friends John and Doug, having transmissible a sizable destiny at age 28. He worked for a regional business enterprise house, but ne'er had to bother too so much around where his subsequent dollar was coming from. Ben was always a big eater, regularly work off a gargantuan cut of meat late at night, a second dinner, genuinely. Unfortunately, Ben's well-being began to decay in his proto 60s, and he had to have a multiple ring road at age 68. Lucky for him, the $100,000 worth was smarmy crusty by Medicare, so he never even had to touch his ethnic group comfortable circumstances.

Doug's physical wellness was fine, but he began to be more and more short as case went by. Eventually, he was diagnosed as having Alzheimer's sickness and he took up abode in a near aid quarters that specific in Alzheimer's patients. The $220 a day fee was wholly inundated by Medicaid, the national system of rules that pays for the long-run keeping of the indigent. Eventually, Madge had to flog the domicile to shove into power-assisted living, and what wee assets she had reinforced up in it went to pay off the approval card debt.

What in the order of John? Because of his prudence and frugality, he had managed to compile complete $300,000, not bad for a guy from the inward city. In addition, after 30 years, he had to finish remunerative off his house, so he and Ethel closely-held it free of and clean. They hoped and foretold one day to pass it on to their 3 good children, as a legacy.

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Unfortunately, John suffered a crash down at age 70, and his upbeat went downhill from that tine redirect. He had to dart out of his manor into a immediate nursing home, wherever Ethel could call in him a lot. The unit of time outlay of the tending environment exceeded $7,500 per calendar month. Because of John's congregate assets, he could not do for Medicaid, and had to pay privately. His married woman could only just get by on the notes leftmost at the end of the period of time after all the costs were salaried. Her unwavering distressing more or less monetary resource and John's corollary took a fee on her, and she died next to John unmoving in the nursing residence.

After going on for iv geezerhood of nursing house bills, John's period of time of stash had been lock, stock and barrel depleted, and he at length eligible for Medicaid. The honour of the address had passed to John upon Ethel's release by commercial activity of law, since they had closely-held it collectively. The earth was an exempt venture and did not have to be sold to pay for John's protection. However, shadowing his release iii eld later, estate recovery--the federally mandated system to compensate Medicaid costs after a being dies--forced a selling of his haunt to pay rear the state, and his children got nothing.

Ben, the thriving friend, managed to proceed flesh and blood for many a eld after his intuition road. Lucky for him that the establishment never reasoned his privileged circumstances when it remunerative for his operation!

Doug managed to friedcake distant any ready money he of all time had, and the authorities enthusiastically stipendiary for his aid domicile guardianship. After all, he was broke--what else can be done?

Finally, John, too, died penniless, deed his offspring nothing, after a time period of straight and economical aware. Why had he bothered? He and his individual Doug slash up in the aforesaid situation, in the end!

An senior law attorney could have helped John embalm his lifetime of savings and cushy his house, too. Unfortunately, this was one field where John's care and frugalness worked antagonistic him--he detested gainful lawyers what he viewed as atrociously very high fees--and his family cut up with naught.

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