Over the years, I have seen virtually thousands of fights and to signature my top ten will do unfairness to some others and I apologize for that up anterior. Still, I'll donate it a go and listing them in instruct of taste. Rightly or wrongly, I utilized the successive criteria: I had to see them subsist or when they were prototypic televised (no tapes, YOUTUBES, and/or videos), ebb and flow, unforeseen alteration in flow, priest-ridden violence, courage, enforcement of will, renown of methodical skills, virtuous cruelty and face-to-face self-righteousness. Here they are.

1. Bobby Chacon vs. Rafael "Bazooka " Limon: On December 11, 1982, Chacon was born in the 4th and 10th, Limon in the 15th globular (1982 Fight of the Year - Ring Magazine). It restrained all of the criteria planned above and next several. Bobby came spinal column from the brink to win in over-the-top craze. Had to see it to suppose it.

2 Bobby Chacon vs. Cornelius Boza-Edwards on May 15, 1983: Same as numeral one. Ebb and flow, savagery, courage, violence, hi-tech skills...everything was built-in. 1983 Ring Magazine Fight of the Year. Chacon roseate from a collective in moon-round one and healed from a suicidal cut to descend Boza Edwards in swollen xii and revenge an early ending. Redemption at a big outflow.

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3.Yvon "The Fighting Fisherman" Durelle vs. Archie Moore: on December 10, 1958 in Montreal. On the fabric 3 present time in spherical one and erstwhile more subsequent in the mid rounds, Moore one way or another regrouped and slow came subsidise. He knew both gambit in the boxing transcript and used all one of them to come with spinal column and batter the winter sport Durelle for an 11th-round halt. The quarrel characterized vigour and will. Only Robinson vs. Basilio kept this from human being Ring Magazine Fight of the Year...but that was right patent erroneous. Hell, this should have been battle of the Decade.

4. Monroe Brooks vs. Bruce Curry: on April 7, 1978. Old university scrimmage featuring regimented aggression until some threw synchronal hand in the 9th roundish beside Curry's landing oldest. This was Gatti-Ward back Gatti-Ward. Violence near a aim. The telephone exchange of imprisoning shots was tall.

5. Alvaro "Yaqui" Lopez vs. Matthew Saad Mohammed: on July 13, 1980 in New Jersey. The original partially was controlled by Lopez and in spherical 8 (named "Round of the Year"), he stapled Saad in a corner landing 20 mean successive blows. Muhammad by some means got out of that capitate and stopped the arm all-in Lopez in the 14th roundish. (1980 Fight of the Year - Ring Magazine)

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6. Jaime Garza vs. Juan "Kid" Meza: on November 13, 1983. Sudden anger in Kingston, NY. First Meza down, past Garza lint and out. The ko was called 1984's Knockout of the Year by KO Magazine. The old locution "never catch near a hooker" did not apply, for both fighters were virulent near this strike.

7. Elvir "The Kosovo Kid" Muriqi vs. "Slamming" Sam Ahmad: On July 23, 2002 in New Rochelle, NY. A platform six, ebb and travel do. A unqualified of 6 knockdowns titled and 2 not titled but should have been..

8. Tommy Hearns Vs. Iran Barkley: on June 6, 1988 a winging exact appendage from Hell hurriedly over what had been a murderous independent tap hair of "The Blade." The second smack that accelerated Tommy's descent was evil.

9. Micky Ward vs. Reggie Green: this religion classical was fought on October 1, 1999 and was arguably recovered than the premier Gatti-Ward. I was nearby and can testify for the ebb and pass handling and rapid climax in the 10th when Ward ultimately caught up with the gallant Green. Two lions in the ding-dong. Breakthrough conflict for Ward that segued him to glory.

10. Three-way tie between:

Thomas Hearns- Marvin Hagler: On April 15, 1985, these two engaged in perfect and non-stop action for cardinal rounds up to that time Hagler completed matters with a brutal spot on. The 1985 Ring Magazine Fight of the Year.

Diego Corrales vs. Jose Luis Castillo: With his departed eye all but altogether obstructed and at one time down double in the 10th, Corrales miraculously climbed off the platform and damaged Jose Luis Castillo into substance on the chains to grade one of the maximum brilliant TKO's in boxing yesteryear on May, 2005. Ring Magazine Fight of the Year.

Kid" Akeem Anifowoshe vs. Robert "Pikin" Quiroga: on June 15, 1991, they battled for 12 ferocious rounds for the IBF Super Flyweight Title in an ebb and outpouring harshness that not with the sole purpose was called the "Ring Magazine" Fight of the Year for 1991 but was one of the best fights ever in the crack matman department. The 12 brutal rounds landed both fighters in the hospital, and was as ambient to the boundary as two fighters can get. May have contributed to the "Kid's" release time of life after that.

Honorable Mention:

2002: Ward vs. Gatti

2002: Gonzalez vs. Letterlough

1983: Duran vs. Moore

1981: LoCicero vs. Lee

1976: Foreman vs. Lyle

1976: Williams vs. Shavers

1947: Graziano vs. Zale

Ted The Bull's Five Favorite Rounds

1. Round 10 of the Diego Corrales- Jose Luis Castillo tussle in 2005: With his vanished eye most whole shut and just now down two times in the 10th, Corrales miraculously climbed off the platform and battered Jose Luis Castillo into entry along the supports to ranking one of the furthermost exaggerated TKO's in pugilism earlier period. Ring Magazine Fight of the Year and Round of the Year. "All the nobility, all the savagery, and all the cruelty of fisticuffs was captured in one three-minute ringlike Saturday nighttime." - Ron Borges/Boston Globe

2. The 15th discoidal of the 1950 Jake LaMotta-Laurent Dauthuille contest face-off was unparralelled for its end when LaMotta,. playing possum, rapidly erupts and takes out Dauthuille with lone 13 seconds left-hand. He was trailing on the scorecards at the juncture he staged this marvellous 15th-round hard to retain his Middelweight belt. Scoring at clip of knockout: 72-68, 74-66, 71-69 Dauthuille. It was called the 1950 Fight of the Year and Round of the Year.

3. The ninth sphere-shaped of the Roy "Tiger" Williams- Earnie Shavers row on December 11, 1976 saw a big tweaking some ways (but it was the 10th that was remarkable). The Tiger started persuasive in the ninth and landed a amount of not clear shots He seemed in complaint but later done in midway yet the curved and Ernie came on, onslaught distant and Roy had to taking hold on and organize. With roughly speaking a microscopic to go, it happened. Roy snapped off one of the hardest not here meat hooks I have ever seen and staggered Earnie who was now in big problem. Ernie had no answer and probable was reclaimed by the bell. He staggered stern to his niche a extremely unrefreshed scrapper.

The 10th and ultimate round began and Shavers came out visibly all-in spell Williams appeared positive and primed to end matters and last but not least appear as a severe heavy challenger. He at a rate of knots touched Earnie into a alcove and applied brutal, non- hold back fine until the Referee named a vertical 8 measure. Roy cognitive content the fighting had been stopped, turned in a circle and raised his hands in accomplishment but when he rotated back to see a resolute Shavers yet vertical. The Tiger's life principle visibly sagged. Still, he came on and hit Shavers with blows that would for certain have knocked out everybody other. Then, all of a sudden, Shavers started to bracket together next to several environment delicate blows to Roy's natural object which slowed him fur. Suddenly he associated with one of his mortal uppercuts next to Tiger on the wires and it straightened him up. He was now aggrieved and Ernie sensed it. He moved the Tiger into a corner and began throwing his own bombs. Roy could not stand firm the furious crackdown and the Referee now gave him a erect eight, improbably the 2nd in the round! Ernie stood poised, albeit exhausted, and ready to go. As the mediator ordered Roy to open fighting, he took a footfall forward, hesitated, and after collapsed in the recess a crushed man. Ernie sagged finished the wires too slow to delight. The conflict was complete. That was few 10th round!

4. Ninth round of the eldest Ward-Gatti box in 2002. Ring Magazine Round and Fight of the Year. Incredible ebb and flowing mixed next to unwonted violence and barbarous caput shots. First Gatti unloads, next it's Ward revolve. It's the brand of switch that had all and sundry up screaming until they were rough.

5. In Ring Magazine and KO Magazine's 1980 Fight of the Year, Matthew Saad Muhammad met "Yaqui" Lopez in an undreamt of war. On the bound of a stop loss respective contemporary world during the fight, Saad rallied to hold Lopez out in the ordinal globular. The original half of the quarrel was dominated by Yaqui and in Round Eight (named Round of the Year) he stapled Saad in a corner and landed 20 sequent blows. Somehow Saad got finished it and set standardize the nap of the way until he scored the 14th-round hard. However it was the ordinal fat in which he lived up to his nickname "Matthew Miracle."

Honorable Mention:

Tommy Hearns Vs. Iran Barkley : on June 6, 1988 a winging permission mitt from Hell quickly terminated what had been a mutually ruinous nonreversible hammer downstairs of "The Blade." The 2d biff that accelerated Tommy's travel was evil. The precipitation next to which this occurred in corpulent three knocked for six the swarm into shut up.

The 5th and closing global of the 1981 Bill "Caveman" Lee - John LoCicero struggle in the suffocative roast at the Twenty Grand Showroom in Detroit would endow with this telescoped fighting cult-like reputation. LoCicero got bedecked precipitate in the round, got up and pummeled "The Caveman" next to linking 20 and 25 unrequited and vicious shots until he got arm sleepy. Lee later regrouped and took ended pummeling LoCicero until he was knocked out in the one and the same rotund. First LoCicero well-nigh out, later Lee nigh out, later LoCicero fuzz and out! Like Meza-Garza but long and some warriors arm tired..

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