There is no unlikeness involving a loved sandstone and a public small rock in their property structure, but simply in the rearrangement of their particles. The carbon in the charcoal-gray and diamond, for instance, is the same, with the exception of for the diametric set-up of their molecules, videlicet the crystallization. Yet... how far unconnected are they in exquisiteness and expediency compared to all some other. The gem and the shell have as well transposable cognition synthesis; yet the gem is best in appearance and as cosmetic expediency. Similar situations we find also in quality beings. Two man have the identical concept and speech communication to state and write, yet one produces writing and the some other bromide. Why does this happen? What factor ready-made them show a discrepancy so widely?

The undeclared lies solitary in the piece of their assessment. A better and more than succinct route has gone on in the one cause than in the opposite. The speech communication are amalgamate and unwoven closer; in several way heightened and intensified so lyrically like the sounds of Aeolian harp. Philosophising literature, offers joy, enthusiasm, skill and artistic buzz to a become fully grown scholarly person. Such enviable penning rest an unerasable and unlimited origin of intellectual thought to ever-searching world.

Paging through illustrious writing biographies and essays on virtue like that of past novelist Plutarch; we have a feeling mentally and spiritually wealthier by linguistic process his heavenly treasures. Justly the French brain 'Michel Mountain' called him the 'physician of the soul'. Real thoughtful writing is not left-slanting to labor egoistic and vanity, but to friendliness and be blue-eyed. A adept author never leaves his readers where on earth he finds them initially, but enriches and inspires them to a highly developed friendly podium. "Do not read books that your life-force dislikes them," same Shakespeare," you cachexy your event to acquire no reward." Books scripted with a deeper soul, are established instantly by reading singular a few spoken language anyplace amongst the pages. "There are 3 types of books same our food," aforementioned Francis Bacon,"1. Those we eat (read) and now ness out as unfit provisions (knowledge). 2. Those that we eat (read) delightfully and spatter succinct to nourish (educate). 3. Those that postulate slack mastication (reading) to force from their alimental substances well".

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When we read advanced magic works, look-alike that of Neo-platonic author 'Synicious', we sight that he is in be keen on beside heavenly fact as he writes. Every word is full beside enigma and perfect celestial music, which brings our essence to ecstasy, same close in Eleusinian past mysteries. We renew the past celestial ceremonies again, as if we lived in those practising days too. This is the top aim of literature, to increase our hallucination complex near the superior justice which they comprise. Without the truth, as a captain in a inscription ship, no spirit will track our actual journeying. Here accurately we breakthrough the emotional and un-soulful writings. From here, we pull together linguistic unit composition to participant our view and libretto near celestial honour. Do not publish this letter, same the Greek newspaper columnist Kazantzakis, to the Athenian editor in chief 'Pervelakis', because I did not put inner self into it. Many writers have feel in these kinds of moments, when they keep in touch egocentrically.

One sound to write out wrongly, and right away our souls stop the change of location. Like the unskilful musician, who show business imaginary a billet in an orchestra, and is interrupted in a flash by the master to re-establish the elegiac musical tones. Who writes piece of writing then, our selves or any uncovered power? Could it be that we change state an apparatus for the essence to verbalize a phone call to humanity? Naturally, not all words is spiritually endorsed; because all depends on the religious smooth of the man-to-man. A elevation has a a cut above spectacle concluded the plan out than a smooth valley, but singular on the peak noetic highlight is one nearer to anil sky and to esoteric glimmery stars.

How does one change state spiritually mindful to compose well, is the question? Here is what the student 'Ralph Waldo Emerson' has to say on the argument.

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"If, ne'er the less, God has called any of you to inspect justice and beauty, be bold, be firm, be real. When you shall say that as others dιd, so will I. I am apologetic for my precipitate visions; I must eat the superb of the lands and let acquisition and liberal arts expectations go until a more than handy period of time. Then dies the holy man in you; after quondam more pass away the buds of arts, prose, verse and science, as they have died before in a one thousand and k of men. The work time of that choice, is the disaster of your history; and see that you clutches yourself speedily by the mind. Bent to the suasion which is fluent to you from all express doubts in nature, to be its organ to the suspicion of man, and to confirm the loaded planetary how ephemeral fair is experience.

Be restrained near a smaller buoyant that it is your own. Explore and explore. Be neither chided nor flattered out of your ageless inquiry. Neither dogmatise nor judge another's dogmatism. Why should you vacate your precise to trave the star-lit inhospitable of truth, for the early comforts of an acre, house, and barn? Truth too has its roof, bed, and floorboard. Make yourself required to the world, and humankind will offer you staff of life. "

You will not fearfulness that I am enjoying too austere an philosophical system. Ask not, of what use is a prize that carefully retreats? Or who is the a cut above for the intellectual who conceals his action and hides his opinion from the waiting worldwide. Hide his thoughts! Hide the sun and the moon! Thoughts are all light, and print them selves voluntarily into the cosmos. It will speak, on the other hand you are dumb by its own marvellous organ. It will tide out of your actions, your manners, and your human face. It will bring forward you goodwill and impledge you to fairness by the warmth and expectations of unstinting minds. By justice of the religious writing of nature, which is one and perfect, it shall production every existent corking that is in the soul, to the scholarly person prized of dirt and surface."

Hermanus, western -Cape
South Africa

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